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Mobile engineering & welding, line boring, structural steel frame work and beams, repairs to loaders, diggers trucks






Specialist Engineering Services

Welcome to Weldworks - Mobile engineering, Welding & Line Boring

The best expert welding and mobile engineering service you’ll find in Canterbury.   With over 20 years of experience in commercial applications, specialist project engineering, line boring and heavy construction, Weldworks is your best choice for your next heavy metal work project.

  • line boring
  • Structural steel frame
  • work and beams
  • Repairs to loaders,
  • Diggers trucks
  • Repairs to agricultural machinery
  • TIG & GMAW welding
  • Hard Facing
  • Boiler welding repairs
  • Pipeline welder projects
  • Grinding
  • Machinery welding repairs
  • Repairs to drilling rigs
  • Repairs to drilling tooling and digger attachments
  • Bucket repairs, rebuilds and armouring

At Weldworks we will provide you with a qualified, safe and professional 7 day a week on site service for all your welding needs. Including holiday, sickness and staff absence cover.

Following on from the devastating events in Canterbury over the past couple of years, we have identified the need for businesses to operate effectively in a fast paced and challenging environment.

Our Weldworks vehicles are fully mobile and fully equipped with everything required to get your business operating and back on track quickly, minimising down time and reduced transport cost.

We have over 20 years experience in welding, including pipeline and the mining industry. Our service will provide your business with the exceptional welding quality that we pride ourselves in.

Qualified Welders

In today's industry it is vital to use trained and qualified welders not only to produce a better end result but also to comply with all the legislation. At Weldworks we are continually investing in training and compliance procedures enabling us to stay ahead of the game. Operating within Innershield, 8XP and NR233 procedures. Qualifications include: MMAW,

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Our Core Services

All our Welding Services are carried out by fully qualified and experienced welders to the highest standards offering exceptional service right to your doorstep or project site. At Weldworks we offer a full range of On Site welding services, including:- Structural steel frame work and beams Repairs to loaders, diggers trucks Repairs to agricultural machinery

Arc & Mig Welding

Arc & Mig Welding

    • Welding stainless steel (ss)
    • Welding steel
    • Mig welding
    • Welding engineer
    • Welding metal
    • Engineering welding management
    • Industrial welding of pipe & pipelines
    • Stainless steel to steel stainless steel sheet welding
    • Finishing polishing  stainless steel after welding
    • Commercial welding
Stainless Steel(SS) Fabrication

Portable Line Boring Machine

We have a portable line boring machine for enlarging a hole that has already been drilled or cast to achieve greater accuracy of the hole diameter:

Our machine is for:

    • Boring a hole
    • Mobile line boring
    • Portable line boring services
    • Climax line boring
    • Horizontal line boring

Cutting, Drilling & Sawing

Cutting, Drilling & Sawing

We provide quality custom concrete cutting, drilling, and sawing services to residential, commercial, industrial companies and contractors.

Metal & Steel Repairs & Modifications

Metal & Steel Repairs & Modifications

Metal customisation services including; pipe, welding, railing, repair, commercial machinery installation, (aluminium, steel and stainless steel), industrial steel repairs, custom steel boxes and custom repair work.

Lathe Work - Industrial

Lathe Work - Industrial

Our lathe is for industrial metalworking, metal spinning, wood turning, and glass working. This has many uses in an industrial area like sanding cutting, knurling, drilling, and deforming of tools for industrial products.

The best expert mobile engineering service you’ll find in The South Island of New Zealand

Products & Services

Industrial Metal Welding, Repair & Maintenance

Machinery equipment or metal products we work on

Weldworks offers complete service of; stainless steel welding, industrial engineering and maintenance, compressed air pneumatics, pipe fabrication and installation, generators and fuel tank and conveyors and augers.
We can do it all!

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Products

Sheet Metal & Sheet Metal.
Weldworks provides all types of Stainless steel welding including handrails, architectural pipework, furnaces, industrial applications and repairs.

Industrial Engineering & Maintenance

Industrial Engineering & Maintenance

Weldworks offers the following services installation and maintenance of factory equipment, process equipment, industrial plant and associated equipment including gearboxes, transmissions andpumps.​

Compressed Air—Pneumatics

Compressed Air—Pneumatics

Weldworks offers the complete service from compressor installation, including pipework to the design of Pneumatic circuits including installation and servicing of associated equipment, eg, air cylinders, valves, actuators and more.

Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Pipe Welding & Installation

At Weldworks we offer a complete pipework service. From design fabrication to installation for irrigation - including head works, quarries, insulation, pipe insulation & ducting. We service the industries; mining, building services, factories, and all industrial applications.

Generators & Fuel Tanks

Generators & Fuel Tanks

  • Exhaust support & system installation
  • Fuel tank supply
  • Fuel tank installation
  • Fuel supply pipe installation
  • Backup power supply
  • Generator installation
  • Exhaust system & support fabrication
  • Generator installation
  • Industrial generator installation
Conveyors and Augers

Conveyors and Augers

We offer engineering services for  conveyors and augers for aggregate, mining, industrial applications and more.  Including custom design to welding, installation and maintenance, spare parts, transmissions and repairs. We are your choice for conveyors, augers, mining, industrial applications, and more.

Products we weld & repair from our mobile engineering truck



Steel and Stainless Steel platform fabrication or repair


Steel and Stainless Steel grills and cover fabrication or repair


Steel and Stainless Steel hoppers and cover fabrication or repair


Steel and Stainless Steel tank fabrication or repair


Steel and Stainless Steel tubing fabrication or repair


Steel and Stainless Steel railing fabrication and repair

Machinery & equipment we repair or maintain



Steel and Stainless Steel pump repair
Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Steel and Stainless Steel heavy vehicle repair


Some of the medium to heavy industries we service





Wine Industry




Recyling Plants




Aggregate Supply





Our Clients

  • Daniel Smith Industries
  • Justin Neal
  • Wood And Thomson

Suppliers & Associates

Why Us?

Why you'll find our Welding, Mobile Engineering & Line Boring Service the best in Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island of NZ.

Weldworks are your best choice industrial engineering welding and mobile engineering solutions.

Whether  its projects in Christchurch, Canterbury NZ or anywhere in the world.  When it comes to medium to heavy industrial metal and concrete construction projects.

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Experience in multiple industries
  • Reliable Service
  • We will get your job done on time and on budget

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